Nuclear Apocalypse Survival Challenge

A nuclear power plant has just exploded. The actors have 20 minutes to find as much supplies as they can and return to the rehearsal room with their supplies and a plan for a place to stay to wait out the fallout that you can reach with the remaining 10 minutes before fallout begins to effect the body.

The actors will be divided into groups of two randomly. Each actor will draw a “wound.” When the plant exploded, they will have received burns, temporary blindness, or been hit by a flying object. These wounds will impact their ability to collect supplies or move quickly.


After twenty minutes, the actors will return to the room to discuss the challenge and ask the dramaturg any questions they may have.


Dramaturgy Challenge Rules:

  1. You may not use any electricity.

  2. You may not break anything.

  3. You may not steal anything.

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