When the audience members arrive, they will be challenged to prove that they are extraordinary. In order to enter the space, they must pass one of four challenges at booths outside of the theatre. After passing, they earn a sticker that declares that they are extraordinary.


  • Strength: Lift a barbell (actually less than 5 pounds.)

  • Arts: Sing a song or write a short poem

  • Beauty: Get a kiss

  • Brains: Fill out a piece of paper explaining what “extraordinary” means

  • For our less social audience members, they can earn their sticker by taking a program and simply reading it in a less hectic area.


The ushers and box office are also situated outdoors. They give out the first playbill and collect tickets (general admission.) The audience waits in the lobby until show begins and the ensemble welcomes them into the space, surrounding them with magic, tricks, and special treatment for being extraordinary.

Upon exiting, the audience is forced to return their stickers because they did not complete the finale and therefore are not extraordinary. They are handed the second “Theo” playbill as they return to the real world.

There will be no reading material displayed in the lobby.

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